The Beauty in Eli Saab

Fashion designing, an art, isn’t it? Sips of coffee, the strike of the clock at midnight, bags under eyes, every detail focused closely, the sound of the sewing machine dragging on and on, the clear starter pack for beginners. Dedication is key and creativity is necessary. Fashion is an art not a joke. A huge praise for the individuals aspiring to be a designer.

Eli Saab, a young boy starting sewing as a child. At the age of eight, already aspiring to be a designer, what hopes and dreams he had. An eight-year-old boy dedicated to live a life of sewing, designing, and creating. Creativity sparked his mind and it sure did him well.

Eli Saab, an eightee32222-elie-saab-gownn-year old, living in Paris and chained to fashion. A teenager with a fashion label. Dedication in his heart, results scored out of it, excellent ones. Saab made his way through fashion with a unique image, fusing western and eastern culture. Some call it designing, I call it diversity. Diversity in his soul, with an outcome of art and creativity.

Eli Saab’s artistic designs is played in his work, his art. It’s imaged in his collection of dresses, whatever the dress, however the length, whatever the style, his signature is displayed.

Extended long streaks of colour, lining towards the center and sides, making its way down the dress. The flowers blossoming on the shoulders, chest, stomach and towards the end, petals fallen, getting lesser and lesser until it disappears before touching the ground. Eli Saab has signed his art.

Eli Saab exhibits a consistency in his line of work, a story has been told. Simple yet delicate flowers, expanding itself, stretching itself, its beauty overpowering as the signature design, ready to blossom. As it dtumblr_lydf1dd9eu1qfy0g0oes, makes it way down and continues to spread its angelic bloom. However, the blossom comes to an end, retiring as it fulfilled its purpose. Flower petals fall but before touching down, it vanishes into thin air.

His story has been wonderful, sharing it with the world, starting off as an eight-year-old with a dream, a huge one. Now, fulfilled his dream, introducing his name to the individuals who appreciate fashion, art. Making his way down the streets of Hollywood, touching the red carpets, displaying his work on models and celebrities, running fashion shows. What a dream he had and how lucky he was to have it come true.

The beauty in Eli Saab.